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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lesson 3: Understanding an Alpha Nutrition

The following lesson will provide you with vital information that you will have to stick to if you want to get "that body."

     You will need to stop eating and drinking garbage. It may taste delicious, but there are alternatives that
taste just as good. They will make you feel better mentally as well because of their benefits to your body.
Right now you're probably eating a large amount of carbohydrates, with a minimal amount of protein.
That will have to change immediately. 

Currently your meals consist of the following:
Soda, snack bars, chips, spam, oreos, and then sometimes chicken or a burger.
You eat these in random amounts at random times of the day, which makes your metabolism shit as well.

Your body probably looks like either of these two as a result.

           From now on, I want you to eat HIGH protein LOW carb meals every 3 hours you're awake.
The reason for eating high protein meals is because protein is the best type of calorie there is, it's also
the most important factor for building and maintaining muscle. 
The reason for eating these meals every three hours is because your metabolism becomes as fast as it can get,
which will help you absorb protein and nutrients, and burn carbs/fat.
If you can't do this every three hours, just make sure every meal from now on is HIGH protein and LOW carb. That will still do your body justice. It's also very important to stop having a "snack." 
Snacks mess up your metabolism and leave it confused, it's like teaching a boy how to do lift a weight, but then having him drink melted butter.

What is a HIGH protein LOW carb meal?

Steak with two eggs and a slice of bread. = GREAT! Steak is a high source of protein along with the eggs, the bread is the low amount of carbs needed to spend energy and to help your protein get absorbed instead of having the protein used as energy.

Muffins with melted butter on top = TERRIBLE, a big fat ball of carbohydrates. No protein in sight. You will
end up looking like a muffin yourself.

Burger consisting of two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, buns, and no mayo = Good enough! High amounts of protein from the beef patties, with a small amount from the cheese. The bread is obviously our carb in this meal, which is required. Mayo is terrible, and would reverse any hard work you're putting into this lifestyle change.

You may now have an idea of what to eat. Your meals should have lean meat like beef, fish, and chicken, outnumbering carbs like bread and sugar EVERY time.

If you want a much greater idea of high protein and low carb meals, or high protein foods in general, just
use that search bar located at the top of the page.

If you're curious, here's what a I typically eat every week.
Tuna with melted cheese on top, made into a sandwhich.
Steak or chicken with small amounts of rice.
Burgers with the garbage removed. (the garbage being mayo)
I drink two protein shakes a day as well.
If I'm on the go, I'll eat a bag of almonds.
You also need to drink a lot of water from now on, triple your intake. 

With the information I've given you today, you will now begin your transformation into getting a lean body.
Fat and anorexia will no longer exist for you. This information is to be used in hand with my next lesson, which
will help you with the weightlifting and physique portion of being "ALPHA ON THE DAILY."

P.S. Take a multivitamin daily, will do wonders for your body as well.


  1. Great tips! It's really good for those getting started. Can't wait to see accompanying exercises as well!

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  4. Having studied biochemistry, did you know a excess protein intake can infact cause you to put on fat? The body can turn proteins (amino acids) into energy molecules, and if those energy molecules arent used then they are stored as fat. As with any diet, exercise is important, dont think diet itself will change your body.

    I agree if you were skinny as a stick, this protein diet with exercise will give you a toned muscle body, but if you are overweight (as most wont admit to) a high fibre diet would help too. Fibre fills you up, but the body cant digest and absorb it and it passes straight through you, making your body use the fat stores.

  5. I'm a fat bastard. Be back tomorrow, bro.

  6. I have to agree with the comment above about excess protein. You should only be eating 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of your body weight. Anymore than that and you risk messing up your kidneys.

    Great post. I'm following your blog.

  7. I need high protein and high carb... it´s really hard for me to gain mass :/

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    beautyful life :)))

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