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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lesson 2: Abandon your Judgement

          Let it go. I know there are some of you whom my words won't reach. Your judgement will only
hold you back from achieving your maximum potential. You know you're guilty. I am guilty as well.
As soon as I notice myself doing it, I stop. I lay it to rest. This valuable time I only have to live through
once, will not be wasted on judging someone. You see some some guy walking, holding the hand of
a girl you think is beautiful. You think to yourself, or maybe say out loud if you're with your friends,
"look at that douche." "That guy is a fag." "He doesn't deserve her." "Why is she with him?" You
spend so much time and energy doing this, but really... what have you gained from it? You just
made yourself comfortable. This is your subconscious way you deal with being beaten. With being
less than what you know you can be.

           You don't even know this man, yet you put him on a stake. He could have a terrible life.
Where day in and day out he works at a job he knows is a dead end. He doesn't work there because
he chooses to, but because it's the only way he is able to support his little brother. This girl could be
the only great thing he has going for him. Or this man could have a great life. Whatever it may be,
it is not worth your anger. It is not worth your judgement. It is not worth your sneer. The only thing
it should be worth to you, is your quick genuine smile. Let your passing glance at that couple absorb
the happiness they irridiate at that very moment. You will soon be that guy. You don't want people
you don't even know making remarks about you as you pass by. You don't want them to judge
you and put you on their stake. Or maybe you do, maybe your personality is one that thrives
off of that.

           How much time can you spend condeming people? They are humans, and so are you.
We will mess up. We will do wrong. We will make mistakes. The cycle of hate has no end, for
it is a cycle that will continue relentlessly until you stop feeding it. Another person
may seem different to you. You may seem different to him. On the inside, we are all the same.
We want to be nurtured. Everyone wants to be loved. Many want to be respected and admired.
We want to be understood. This lesson is meant to help you understand yourself and the ones you
judge, which ultimately, are you as well.

           The shy girl might just be that way because when she was younger, she was
made the outcast by her peers. Perhaps she was the new kid in school year after year,
because her family was constantly moving, so she never really had a chance to form a bond
with anyone. Perhaps the guy who goes around fighting everyone lost his mother when he
was just a child. So all he knows is the ways of being a man, deep down he wants the woman
he never had, to take care of him. He still seeks the nurture he never received. Which is why he
fights those who do get that love. My point being, let your quick judgement falter. That is precious
time wasted, achieving nothing, and holding yourself back. Who knows, you might just make
a new friend, that will change your life or open opportunities for you. A scornful remark is
not the way of an alpha.


  1. Very wise words to live by! Loving this series.

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    It's hard to control that sometimes, but it is so much better to just let go of being a judgmental assface

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  28. There are also times when Judgement is a tool for reaching your full potential. However, this requires trust that your judgement is good, and in most cases its not because nobody trains their logic. Therefore, its either you go Full-force all the time THINKING, and coming up with amazing solutions to your problems, or just not giving a FUCK which is usually best for the instinctive type. Good Read, sir.

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  38. Judgement is not the problem.
    Premature and improper judgement is the problem.

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